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This database is Copyright (c) 1992-2002 Plants For A Future and Ken Fern

We have a policy of continually adding appropriate information to the database, and also making it simpler to use. Therefore the database that we supply to others is updated approximately twice a year, usually in January and in July. This will not automatically be sent to previous users, if you want an updated version then it is up to you to contact us.

We believe that the information contained in this database should be freely available to all who wish to make use of it and, to that end, we supply it without charge to anyone who requests it. We do normally ask that our expenses (in particular the costs of any floppy disks) are met and would gratefully accept any other donations towards our work - all donations are used in research and in growing the plants.

We do retain the copyright of this database. You are free to use it in any way you see fit, subject to the following conditions:-

1) You do not sell it. You are free to use the information in further research, to apply it to the practical use of growing and utilizing the plants, or to use it in any
other way that you see fit, so long as the information contained in the database is not sold by you.

2) When passing on any information contained in this database, by whatever means, you acknowledge the contribution of 'Plants for a Future' by including this copyright notice and our contact details show below.

3) We ask that any information you hold about economic, or useful plants is shared with us so that we may improve the database.

Contact Details

Cornwall Site (Research):

Plants For A Future
The Field,
Higher Penpol,
PL22 0NG
Tel: 01208 873 554

Devon Site (Education):

Plants For A Future
Blagdon Cross
EX21 5DF
Tel: 0845 458 4719

Charity Trustees:

Richard Morris
1 Lerryn View,
PL22 0QJ
Tel: 01208 872 963